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MahakTrenzs is the leading supplier of Luxury Corporate Gifts & Promotional Products. With guaranteed same day quotes, high quality service and the fastest delivery available on stock items, Mahak Trenzs is the ideal supplier to help you deliver your promotional items on time and to budget.

We specialize in Corporate Gifts, Business Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Bags, Caps, T-shirts, Leather Wear and Leather Items, Plastics, Crocker, Kitchen Appliances and many more.

“ We also imprint Gifts with your corporate logo ”

Whether it is a "thank you", “holiday celebration”, or a "remember me" token, a gift goes a long way. And when you imprint it with your corporate logo, it goes even further. Think of the affinity you have towards someone who gives you a gift. Now, imagine one of your customers, employees, vendors or distributors feeling that way about your COMPANY. When properly selected and distributed, gifts should serve as an investment and not as an expense. The return on investment may be in the form of increased loyalty, improved performance (in case of an employee), additional business and enhanced goodwill. At a glance, we combine our strong local presence with a selection of promotional products to give you the best in customized marketing solutions.

  • A thorough evaluation of your audience and marketing objectives
  • Developing an effective theme and detailed plan of action
  • A search of our database to determine imprinted items that will best execute your plan
  • Overseeing the success of your promotional plan from start to finish

  • Today discover how we can create a powerful promotional program for you.